de Sorin-Mihai Grad / ©2010 Herg Benet Publishers

Surrogate of the rain

[translation by Stella Davis & Mădălina Moţ of Surogat de ploaie]

no one is interested in politics anymore
the poem about it burnt in ‘89
so no, another theme

everybody writes about them, about love stories and affections,
dreaming and afterwards crying and cursing
and almost everyone gives up

nature has been praised and described in rhymes
to which no one can add anything
without happening on some classic

there are a lot of things which have to be made, we all know this
a lot have been told in cut phrases
and sold as poems

but I haven’t read one about the door which keeps me away
from the world, no one knows that without it anyone could see
if I tried to open it

published in EgoPHobia #31

translated within the cooperation project EgoPHobiaMTTLC; many thanks to Stella Davis & Mădălina Moţ for the translation, to Silvia Bratu for managing the project and to Prof. Lidia Vianu for making it possible

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