de Sorin-Mihai Grad / ©2010 Herg Benet Publishers

Surrogate of red

[translation by Stella Davis & Mădălina Moţ of Surogat de roşu]

you have a mad friend
he saw his brother dying
he jumped down when the water
had just left
some cliffs
or something like that, you know it better
yes, you introduced him to me, yes, there was something strange
about him, yes, I wouldn’t recognize him
but you know that I have a mad friend, too
he must have jumped down several times
as I know he would do
but he had no scratch afterwards
he can take out of his head more than
blood and a bunch of damaged brains.

I’m talking about you

Hey, I make you famous, why would you get upset?

published in EgoPHobia #31

translated within the cooperation project EgoPHobiaMTTLC; many thanks to Stella Davis & Mădălina Moţ for the translation, to Silvia Bratu for managing the project and to Prof. Lidia Vianu for making it possible

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