de Sorin-Mihai Grad / ©2010 Herg Benet Publishers

Surrogate of the future

[translation by Stella Davis & Mădălina Moţ of Surogat de viitor]

everything is going to be all right
you will be happy
the sun will shine just for you
every you will be read as a plural
whenever you may wish this
with an inherent happiness
(all we have to do is multiply some copies
but this will be solved)
do not tell me about pollution
it will self-destruct
rain? Only over the crops
tv will offer you what you didn’t even imagine that you wanted
the alphabet will start from wherever you would like
out of the tap it will run whatever you would like at that moment
you will wake up when you desire
(the alarm clock cannot strike!)
in order for you to enjoy everything
and to contemplate this tomorrow
far more than perfect
which raises only one problem
it doesn’t come
let’s hope that this is just for now

published in EgoPHobia #31

translated within the cooperation project EgoPHobiaMTTLC; many thanks to Stella Davis & Mădălina Moţ for the translation, to Silvia Bratu for managing the project and to Prof. Lidia Vianu for making it possible

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