de Sorin-Mihai Grad / ©2010 Herg Benet Publishers

Surrogate of a Surrogate

[translation by Nigel Walker & Alexandra Sârbu of Surogat de surogat]

I don’t know what poems are good for
whom and from what my surrogates will save
whether they will brighten days lives nights
inspire tortures and sects
ignore or invade the minds that mess with them


but I’ve understood that
no matter how long you avoid a path
that is intended for you to step on
it will take you by the ears
and will scream or whisper something in them
commanding your feet to move
one step another one
you don’t want wheels go on foot
whoever is attentive doesn’t get bored
no matter how slow you may go
it watches over you and throws you a spark
or a word
when you feel lost


today I can’t write Surrogate of indifference
yesterday didn’t know the most fictional
alphaandomega of a path that had sneaked through me
through what I was and what I also was
supposed to do
seven years of rummaging for
no kind of tibet

published in EgoPHobia #32

translated within the cooperation project EgoPHobiaMTTLC; many thanks to Nigel Walker & Alexandra Sârbu for the translation, to Silvia Bratu for managing the project and to Prof. Lidia Vianu for making it possible

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