de Sorin-Mihai Grad / ©2010 Herg Benet Publishers

Behind Brackets and Stars

There is a god I don’t have the talent to forget,
Too dreams to lie,
I wish I had a green dog
And I remained blue-eyed and white-haired
Like while my oldest me once
Upon a time.
There was a story noone ever told,
Not even knew, that’s its secret,
So there is no trace to follow,
No grace to charm other’s words
And what’s beyond.

The god I started to doodle about,
Was it happy when burying me into this cavernish coffin
Called me?
I cried for my first grave,
But in vain… as always.

I’m the worst joke he ever played anyone,
One can hear only one laughter: mine,
When reminding it;
Haunted by its angels
I need a place to play my loneliness
Outside any shadow,
So I yell:
Here I am and I can’t lose my mind!

text apărut în EgoPHobia #1

dacă tot am pomenit c-am scris poezii în engleză, m-am gândit să postez pe-aici câteva; încep cu una mai religioasă

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